Our Catchment

Welcome to our Catchment.

The Johnstone River Catchment and its associate streams is one of 10 catchments which discharge into the coastal zone of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Healthy coral on Peart Reef - due east of Innisfail, 2012

Our catchment covers about 1,630 sq. km, including the North Johnstone River catchment, South Johnstone River catchment, Moresby River catchment, Liverpool Creek catchment and the Maria Creek catchments.  Out catchment is located in an area of very high rainfall ranging from 1800mm to 4000mm per year resulting in an average annual fresh water outflow of 3 million mega litres to the Great Barrier Reef.

Johnstone River Catchment Management Association is the operand for Integrated Catchment Management in the Johnstone river basin. JRCMA is a not for profit organization formed in 1991.  It consists of 19 representatives from local primary and secondary industries, conservation, council, government, agencies, recreation, landcare and indigenous groups.

The debate on the health of the Barrier Reef is a controversial, highly politicised and an emotive one often driven by narrowly focused issues raised in isolation to the exclusion of often more positive aspects of the reef’s health. 

As our contribution to a wider understanding of the issues, come with us at Jrcma as we show you a wide range of positive “on ground” outcomes which are contributing to a stable and continually improving level of management of the water quality of our catchment and it’s effects on the Great Barrier Reef.