Bulguru Wetland

Johnstone Ecological Society Johnstone Ecological Society had been concerned for some time that nearly all the wetland areas around Innisfail had either been drained for agriculture or used by the Council as dump sites. However with the increasing awareness of … Continue reading

Loth Park Rainforest Arboretum

Johnstone Ecological Society Innisfail conservationists began planting rainforest trees in Innisfail on an old riverside dump site in 1982.¬† They wanted to highlight the importance of the¬† value of rainforests at the time of the campaign to stop logging in … Continue reading

Information on Landcare and other NRM Groups

  CONTACT OUR LANDCARE AND COMMUNITY GROUPS MALANDA & UPPER JOHNSTONE LANDCARE Chairman:¬†¬† Peter Arnold-Nott Secretary: David Hinchley Phone:¬†0457845028 Meetings: 3rd Thursday month ¬† NORTH JOHNSTONE & LAKE EACHAM LANDCARE Chairman:¬†¬† Russell Fry Secretary:¬† Glen Drury¬†¬†¬†¬† Phone:¬†40965131 Meetings: 1st Monday … Continue reading

Landcare / Community NRM

Our catchment communities have warmly embraced the uniquely Australian¬†Landcare¬†movement with active groups in both the upper and lower catchment. The catchment falls easily into upper and lower with the former covering the upper reaches located on the Atherton Tablelands at … Continue reading