Landcare / Community NRM

Our catchment communities have warmly embraced the uniquely Australian Landcare movement with active groups in both the upper and lower catchment.

  • The catchment falls easily into upper and lower with the former covering the upper reaches located on the Atherton Tablelands at an elevation of some 1100 Metres and the latter encompassing the lower reaches and the flood plain. The two are clearly divided by a heavily rainforested escarpment.
  • There are also several other community organisations with similar objectives to Landcare such as the Johnstone Ecological Society (JES) and TREAT (Trees for the Atherton Tablelands)
  • Our long established groups have accessed funding from the National Landcare Programme (NLP), the National Heritage Trust 1 and 2 (NLP) and more recently the Caring for our Country funding programme to undertake a wide range of projects and activities.
  • Our groups have worked cooperatively with government agencies, local governments and the regional LRM body Terrain Natural Resource Management in developing and implementing projects.
  • Revegetation projects throughout the catchment, especially Landcare projects, rely heavily on two plant nurseries maintained by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) (Lake Eacham) and the Cassowary Coast Regional Council (Warrina Lakes) for their plant stock.

Use the interactive maps of our Upper and Lower Catchment to look at some of our successful projects, activities and identified potential future sites by clicking on the green spots