Johnstone River Community Garden

Official Opening of the Community Gardens

The Johnstone River Community Gardens are situated off Flying Fish Point Road Innisfail adjacent to the Innisfail State College. Johnstone Region Landcare Group Inc is indeed fortunate to have a¬†lease from the Innisfail State College of these grounds and the gardens are one of the major ongoing projects undertaken by our Landcare Group.¬† The gardens have developed over the last fIve years from an unused guinea grass paddock to the serene gardens of today under the guidance of Bernard Holden the coordinator of the project. ‘Picnic’ Days’ at held at the Community Gardens on the 1st Sunday of each month from 9 am and culminate each time with a harvest lunch sourced from the gardens.¬† Community Groups are invited to come along and showcase their causes at these Picnic Days.¬† Plots at the gardens can be purchased by groups or¬†individuals and planted¬†with vegetables, fruit trees, flowers etc.¬† Landcare also hold regular KIDS HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES in the Gardens. For further info on the Johnstone River Community Gardens contact Bernard Holden the coordinator on 0403523244.


Kids at the launch at the Community Gardens on 7th September 2014 of the Yates Junior Landcare Grant titled “Kids DIG Disney”


Community Planting Day at the Gardens

Bernie Holden showcasing Australia Day Award - 2013

Bernie Holden – Australia Day Award 2013