Efficient Use of Irrigation Water

Efficient use of irrigation

Efficient use of irrigation

The efficient use of water for irrigation is essential for maximising production and minimising the loss of valuable nutrients in runoff water and over watering taking fertiliser below the root zone of crops. These nutrients can move via ground water into our streams.

Russell Fry, a successful tableland farmer has developed practical methods of accurately calibrating farm irrigation equipment and passing that knowledge on to his fellow farmers.

Russell is the Jrcma Vice Chairman and was judged in September 2013 the winner of the 2013 Queensland Landcare ‘Individual Landcare Award’   Forty nine nominations were received across the nine categories and the judges spoke of the high standard of the nominations.

A most worthy recipient of the Award, Russell is passionate about farmers gaining knowledge on water use efficiency to use on farm which result in dollar savings to farmers and efficient use of available water.