The Land and Vegetation resources of our catchment have been substantially modified over the past 133 years as the land has been developed for agricultural and urban use. With our current knowledge and experience we now recognise the priority need to restore, repair and manage the unintended consequences of that development.

The effects of this human activity have been exacerbated by natural events. Our Catchment is situated in tropical North Queensland in an area subjected to impacts of intense Tropical Cyclones (Category 3 to 5) about once every 30 years. The damage to vegetation and streams from cyclonic winds and flooding is substantial and long lasting. We have been impacted by two Category 4-5 storms in the past 7 years, “Larry” in 2006 and “Yasi” in 2011.

  • Significant projects to repair and restore vegetation and riverine aspects of our Catchment have been completed or are underway with additional action identified and planned.
  • These have involved cooperation and partnerships between land holders, community organisations, government agencies and local Government Councils.
  • Many have utilised funding from Commonwealth programmes such as the National Landcare Programme (NLP), the National Heritage Trust (NHT 1 and NHT 2) and most recently Caring for Our Country (CFOC)
  • The Cassowary Coast Regional Council River Trust (Formerly the Johnstone Shire River Improvement Trust) exercises its regulatory and levying powers to undertake specific river repair projects.
  • The Johnstone River Catchment Association Inc. (JRCMA) obtained funding for and is completing River Management Plans for the North and South Johnstone Rivers and Liverpool Creek.
  • Terrain Natural Resource Management (Terrain) is the Regional NRM Board which facilitates the distribution of funds, within the Wet Tropics Region, from Commonwealth and State funding programmes.
  • One outstanding component of the Caring For Country programme is the funding of Reef Rescue Projects, joint projects with farmers, specifically targeted at improving water quality and improved farm practices to reduce runoff impacts to the Great Barrier Reef.

Use the interactive map of our Catchment to look at some of our projects and activities and identified potential future sites.

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