Johnstone Rivers Management Plan

The Johnstone Rivers Management was a comprehensive planning exercise commenced over a decade ago. It identified necessary actions to restore waterways large and small throughout the entire catchment.

The Plan will help to improve the resilience of the catchments waterways to more severe flooding and water level rises associated with climate change as well as decrease impacts of sediments and nutrients from land based impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.

The strategic objective of the plan was:

“To guide the rehabilitation of the Johnstone River and its tributaries to a state that will allow, as near as possible, the natural channel forms, flood capacity, rates of erosion, sedimentation and ecological functioning of the streams for the overall social, economic and environmental benefit of the local and broader communities”

A printable pdf copy of the complete plan can be downloaded here (21.5Mb) here and the free software to read the file can be downloaded from Adobe Systems here.

The plan is best interpreted in conjunction with the interactive Google Earth model depicting the photographs and action types and locations. A free version of Google Earth application can be downloaded here.

The application should then be used to open the Google Earth model which can be downloaded from here.

The Google model enables you to fly around the catchment and access photos and actions recommended for restoration of it waterways at various locations.

The priorities for the actions are depicted in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet downloadable from here.

This plan will be the guiding document for JRCMA waterway restoration works into the future. It contains over $30 million dollars of recommended actions for which funding will be actively sought by the Association in the future.

The Plan presents the results of the most comprehensive and detailed planning exercise yet conducted in any Wet Tropics river catchment.